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About us

Serve the clients, Create values for clients

Changzhou Hengchang Chemicals Co., Ltd. is situated in Pengjia industrial park, Luoxi town, Xinbei district. Abuts from Changzhou Civil Aviation Airport, North Changzhou Station, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, and 239 State Road, the company enjoys advantaged locational condition and convenient transportation!

The company specializes in the production and sale of piperazine anhydrous, piperazine trihydrate, piperazine pentahydrate, piperazine hexahydrate, homopiperazine, piperazine hydrate (1:1) ,Piperazine Citrate、Folic acidand other fine chemical products. The company owns first-class production and quality testing equipments, advanced production technology and scientific management system. Adhering to the principle of ''quality first, integrity top', the company strives to be a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sale. 

In accordance with ISO90001 Quality system, we pursue the standardization and progress of our management. Insisting on tenet of ''serve the clients, create values for clients'', we are committed to achieving development and progress with our clients. We sincerely welcome the professional personnel to visit us for guidance and talking over business.

  • Understanding of customer

    Understanding of customer

    You give us a chance, we create fortune for you; Customers are partners of us, and we work together to make products better!

  • Understanding of staff

    Understanding of staff

    We give staff a chance; staff creates value for company; Staffs are partners of company, and we work together to make company stronger!

  • Understanding of shareholder

    Understanding of products

    We have been guided by ISO90001 quality system, and constantly pursue the standardization and progress of management!

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